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Your Urge [17 Feb 2008|12:10am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

You don't have to deny your urge,
It doesn't make you bad.
On our admission the make weight's lifted,
Stop dwelling on the past.

I think about the three of us,
I wonder how we tesselate,
It would have been much wiser,
To allow these feelings to rebate.

Empty words so free of connotations,
All dreams come to an end.
Codify your utterance, communicate your needs,
Prepare your vocabulary.

My nervousness prevails me,
My thoughts are becoming fugitive,
And when I'm in your arms,
I wonder how much I can give.

The weekend is a Godsend,
The night time is a lifeline,
Another useless fumble,
Another drunken stumble,
The pinkness round your iris,
Reveals that you've been crying,
But I don't know what my crime is,
I cause upset without trying.

People are judged on their mistakes,
And how much money that they make.
No-one wants to lose their youth,
In a trench like this.

Visiting the same places,
Kissing all the same faces,
Building up support,
Looking for rapport.

I empty out my pockets at the end of the Night,
Another scrawled first name,
Another sense of shame.

I need to get to bed,
Before I fail myself again,
We got to close that night,
And I reached out for your hand.

The night time is a lifeline,
The weekend is a God send,
Another useless fumble,
Another drunken stumble,
Oh but the pinkness near your iris,
Reveals that you've been crying,
But I don't know what my crime is,
Behind my crumbling veneer.

My strength is sapping,
My heart strings are snapping,

My strength is sapping,
My heart strings are snapping.
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"Boing-Fwp" [08 Apr 2007|11:09am]
[ mood | calm ]

Ok, half way through the holidays. It's going really slow (which is a good thing) but I know this next week will go really fast. I mean, tis Sunday now, I'm gonna do my two essays over the next three days...That is if I don't suddenly decide to do something with Kat. Then Thursday night, Vix might be doing something, Friday night is Ash's and Saturday night is Sarah's. So I'll be fit for nothing Thursday till Monday.

Ok, Nothing else to say really... thought there was more but guess not.


P.S New Academy Is... Album is a bit random. needs a few more listens

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Bingley Tour [06 Apr 2007|01:25pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Ok, yesterday was Johns play which after a bit of crazy organising I eventually set off to meet people.

Kat was first. Just as I arrived she walked out of the train station so that was some excellent timing. Anywho, went and waited outside the arts centre with load sof people swarmign around. Bingley, Nightlife extreme. Anywho, people arrived slowly but surely but no sign of Lucy and Ricjard so we gave mel Richards ticket and went in. Ok, the play was funny it was. John played a quintessential John character. It wasn't Oberon it was John... King of the fairies lol.

Anywho, play all going well, final scene and John blows us away with as Vix put it 'A really manly voice' lol Anywho, afterwards, we followed Sarh up into the bar and gave John some ego inflating comments about his voice and then sat there for about an hour and talked. During this time I got told to shut up by the bar staff and taz told me not to look at anyone. Pfft.

Anywho, eventually Kat had to go so I walked her to the station, where there were no trains, then to the bus stop, where there were no buses, then to 3 banks where there were no money till the last one and eventually to the taxi rank. Like a tour of Bingley. Anywho, she eventually left (:() and I came home.

Today has been me on the comp. And will continue to be until i feel motivated to do work lol

Lollies <3

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Orange [30 Mar 2007|07:40pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Ok, on the Uni Front I'm off to York cause Durham rejected me.

Ummm..Today was tiring with all it's walking but oh well.

Hannah's tomorrow, Ice Skating with Kat on Monday (Possibly A&E later on), the play on Thursday, Ash's week on Thurs, Sarah's two weeks tomorrow.

I picture a busy Holiday...hell yes.


Thnks Fr Th Mmrs [24 Mar 2007|07:37pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Ok, first things first, The new Fall Out Boy vid is like Pg Tips on Acid. I'm not joking it's fecking mad. Apes everywhere. Crazyness.

Anywho, last night was Pips Party. me and Vix turned up around 8ish and managed to tag onto a group going in so we didn't feel like total idiots walking through the bar getting dodgy looks. Anywho, we immediatly gained a corner which was effectivly the BGS representative. People came like Jenna, Helen, Weaver, Toothill, Sophie, Jess, Jess.D(plus Stu), Joe and...umm...think that wa sit for us. Basically we did just sit in the corner all night. Didn't really want to dance especially when we all got really tired, and then amde sentences with love heart things and tried to flip cards.

We also decided to try and go to Rios Closing night. Ie, Watch Doc Who, Go to Hannahs, Catch somesort of lift to ios, stay till 4am, walk through Bradford, Go to a house, Sleeeeep. Of course, I doubt I'll be allowed to do this but...hmmm...we'll see. Also, there was an arkward moment that should never be spoke of. I'm gonna have words With Jess I am.

Anyway, nothing else really. Still need to do Greenings Essay for Monday...grrr.hate him. Hate Human Geography.

Oh, I need to build a back up for when I fail Maths.

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40 Winks [13 Mar 2007|07:34pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I need sleeeeeeep.

Yesterday was Manchester. The lectures were boring as anything but the day was good. Lots of gossiping and decisions and things. Plus this really cool bar/coffee house that did amazing sandwhiches + Chips but had a really low ceiling in the toilet lol. Was good.

Today was boring. Really boring. Nothing intresting. AT all.

- Geo essay (B)
- Geo Essay (G)
- Sort out folders
- Sort out Videos
- Sort Out Pics
- Sort out life (HAHA don't make me laugh)


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Were-Rabbit [06 Mar 2007|08:16pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Ok, so yesterday I was ill with a really bad cold. My immune system sucks. Anywho, I sat all day playing FF12 amongest aload of tissues and then I watched Wallace and Gromit: Curse Of The Were-Rabbit Which is just so amazingly funny. When the rabbit weakness is a golden a bullet.... a 24 CARROT Golden Bullet! And Petar Kay was in it. And they once again had Gromit behind the wheel of a plane. Hell yes.

On another note my monetary funds are fading very very fast. Damn Chip and Pin + Amazon.

Today, I feel better and go intos chool for not alot really. Cept Glen got shat on by a bird. In the crotch. I know.

I'm reading old message History (MINEFIELD) but I couldn't help but laugh at this.

ME: I know I'll ask Glen for ... Email
MAX: Go For it! :D
ME: I am but the bastard ain't replying
MAX: Kill him.

Lol. And this:

JOSH:With a Whole 12 Foot!!!
ME: Planet Penis
JOSH: "Like being hit by a Planet"

0_0 What were we on....

Anywho... no money and 6 parties over weeks in a row. My Fri/Sats are full!...Results on Thurs urgh...

And I had a listen to three songs today that made me feel all nostalgic... Funny how you can associate a song to an event/person isn't it? Anywho, night all.


Gambit [01 Mar 2007|06:49pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Wow, haven't updated in like... a week. And more since I posted anything of substance.

Ok, yesterday me and Ash journeyed to York through the wind and slight drizzle. We headed through ork when we arrived and had a good look around before having dinner in this little restaurant thing. Mmmm Ham and Cheese toasted bagette. Then we went round more and ended up at these two little book shops. The first one was wall to wall books but was a bit empty in terms of stuff I'd want to read but the second one...Oh. MY. God.

Again, wall to wall books but an upstairs too just a big and tall full of fiction. I felt like a big kid. Shame I had like...zero money on me. But I bought £9 worth of books that would have cost me...£16. Well good. So want to just live in there. Anywho, eventually we returned to the station and caught the bus to that Uni where Ash was inadvertedly called a freak. Then we arrived.

I delt with Ash and his wanmdering, leering eyes as ebst I could but otherwise it was ok. The elcture was good if a little scripted in places but all was well. Came back into York and then went back to leeds before heading for Pizzamania and alot of pizza. Came home. Slept.

Ok, I have FAR too much stuff to do and I don't want to do it. I have to do some filimg tomorrow...but I'm gonna leave it till monday. I have to hunt down everyone's china pics...but no one will do it will they? I have too...do things and I just can't be bothered...Grrrr.......

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We Don't Fight Fair [17 Feb 2007|02:23pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I Be back from the land of rice, walls and ... more rice.

Ok, so, I got back on Thursday night and spent yesterday recovering, getting money changed and reliving my body of doing any walking. It is nie to be back and pics + vids and all that crap will follow sometime this week (Maybe tonight if Josh's party isn't on). I have one amazing pic of me and JOhn on the Great Wall which will come up and also me + Lightsaber!! OH yesh.

As for anything else I got a letter today whichw as a very intresting and was very nice plus a little extra something that is my first extra something which as well as maing me quite happy also sad but bleh, I'll figure that out later under the influence. Sure I'll work it out. But yes that was very nice. ^_^ Course now I need to do a reply, and an email, and the pics and my c/w and the vids.... think I may sleep instead.

Ok, so party now cancelled... We'll see what I do.

Ok, off to listen to F.O.B album now and pre-order FF12. Day!

♥ for letter

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China [07 Feb 2007|07:05pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

See you all in a week!
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Hehe [07 Feb 2007|11:42am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Update from SChool.

I be bored. China tomorrow. I need to write an email and write a list.

I want to stay and get a letter.

I want to go to bed and sleep.

Lit is crap.

Need a pressie list.

Ok back to doing nothing!

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Frandenburg [03 Feb 2007|09:49pm]
[ mood | cold ]

The name of a psychological crtic of the Wife Of bath who makes a whole lot of sense.

Gah! Still not done what I wanted to today. =( I'll damn well do it tomorrow.Sorry

Ok, I had to get rest of my China stuff this morning (Includig a fucking ace t-shirt with Spock on!), then I had to re-do my Lit plan, then work out bags, Then I started my Essay for Lit whilst then revising for Geo. I couldn't go to Emma's tonight cause of it all and I'm only just getting online now. Grrrr. Plane ticket. Now. Please.

P.S Snow in China on Wednesday.

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I Need Some Time To Set This Straight [31 Jan 2007|08:02pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Guh, Gragh, meh and assorted other sounds.

I have so much crap to do I can't spend my time how I want. I want to go read a book. I want to go play Advance Wars while listening my Ipod at full blast. I want to clean my bedroom. I want to tidy up my school folders so I can actually find things. I want to write an email, a proper one, not some two minute jobbie that it'll be.

The problem? I have essays and c/w coming out of my ears and at no point will I have extra free time such as half term to do all this. So I have to do it now. Or this weekend when I'm planned to sort out my stuff for China, pack, get ready and do the rest of my work.

Why can't all my teachers set it out so we finish modules seperatly so we don't get umpteen essays at once? Gawd.

Back to the grindstone. The brick bastard.

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Vix's Time Travelling Camera [28 Jan 2007|06:26pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Take A Journey Back In Time...Collapse )
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199 [25 Jan 2007|08:17pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

199 Photos pn Vix's camera!? Mental. Thank Gawd I've downloaded Flock now. It's so easy just to stick them all on it and let it upload them to a specific photobucket and folder. AMAZINGLY GOOD!

Anywho, you want to know about me. All is well. My cold is retreating and I'm feeling better. Geo Synoptic yesterday went well, the questions being answerable and I didn't breakdown. M2 this morning was fine cept for 1 question. Common room was locked today so spent msot of it in the Bistro till ww got removed from there too. Bastards. Supposedly one of the cleaners actually cried. God forbid they do the job they are paid to do ¬_¬

Hmmm... China in 2 weeks! Yay! Gonna be a busy Feb I feel.

I swear I had more to write....

Jack having a small thing on Friday that it's looking like I might not be able to get home from, Josh having something next week hopefully and this is very good.

Hmmm.... Woo no more exams!

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I'm Not Dead [21 Jan 2007|03:53pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Contuary to popular belief I am infact alive even though my body wants to crawl into my grave. And I have to update and on everything since... Thursday!? Mergh....

Ok, so I had a slow developing cold on Thursday which is weird cause it's usually a bad cold to start then it gets nicer. I crawled in for C3 and it was... ok. Bastard of a first question and then it got easier! backwards it was. Went home and sort of curled up and slept.

Friday, OMG. Felt like death warmed up. Went in for GS which was a load of Bull as we had never studied a work of art. I tell you it's all for the rems who don't do any subject involving string two words together so they can get marks of theroies and movements and such. Even though, I now hate Lit and will most likely rely on it. Effectivly stormed home as I couldn't find anyone to talk to. Stopped every few minutes to cough up a lung and when I got home fell down and my eyes watered like mad so I strapped a cool towel to my face and went blind again.

Parents came home randmly about half 1 saying my Grandma had gone into hospital. The Doctor had come again and said to get her in. She thought she was on holiday at a friends house and kept asking to go home. Anywho, my mum and dad spent the rest of the day, taking care of her things, cleaning up their house which was a tip and effectivly buying all of their clothes and kitchen stuff and things again as they were fit for nothing. My Grandad is mental too. Hate to say it but the sooner they do get a small flat with home help the better. Finished that day in bed at half 9. Missed Milnes party.

Saturday woke up to an empty house. Parents + sister taken my grandad to see my nan. She's gonna be in for 2 weeks max but if they (NHS) can prove my Grandad isn't up to helping or no help can be found she's in a home ASAP. Spent most of yesterday full of it but my eyes were better. Watched City Of Lost Children which is a well random French film but really good.

Today, I'm better...ish. Done bit of my Litc/w, essay plan, I'm gonna read over Geo notes later and print off a M2 paper so I'm ok for now till I go in tomorrow and Powell rips my c/w to shreds again.


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Don't Be So Hard [17 Jan 2007|07:33pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Ok well I've almost given up on C3. Just Trig and those damn questions where they ask about tangents. How'd you do them? Doesn't help I've had a major headache and sniffle since dinner. I hope I'm ok for it tomorrow. I'd hate to have to resit this exam.

Seems my Grandma (and consectivly my Grandad) are in a rough time. My nan spent a night on the floor and couldn't get out of bed today. Supposedly a Doctor has been but my Grandad is a liar at times. My Aunt won't have anything to do with it so tis up to my dad to sort it. Basically they are either gonna have to find a flat like in a home or get some sort of help. But that's spending money my family doesn't have. And we've sure she's got dementia.

Just another item on the list of things I have to cope with.

Just one more thing I Can't cope with.

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In The Comfort And The Fear [14 Jan 2007|09:18pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I had a nice calm weekend.

I hope to have a nice calm week (Bar the 3 general studies exams and Core 3 and Geo revision)

I found and distributed the Summer exam timetable. I am ergo hated by a few right now.

I'm feeling very lost though.

I'm expecting Milne's party on friday to be good (Even though I won't be drinking or staying over most likely)

Goodbye, I'm not going to waste this time,
this light that burns will keep on fading.
Goodnight, I'm not getting up off of this ride,
I'm holding tight until I can feel alive.

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No Rest For The Wicked [12 Jan 2007|06:47pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Wow, quite alot today. Best to start at the... start.

Got up after awaking at 7 and not getting my last half hour sleep. Ok, I was worried. Ash didn't help making me test him. Anywho, eventually we went and well... ugh.

Mechanics 1, Difficulty: 6/10
I was surprised. The last two questions were a bitch for 30 marks (like half the paper) but I answered everything bar one part and feel more confident than last time so well here's hoping for a B.

Decision 1, Difficulty: 8/10
Yes. Ironically I found this harder. I wasn't expecting a large answer booklet. Had to fold things every which way. I got through it even though there was a random linear program, simplex (the hardest part of decision) and a bitch of a Max flow. I hope for a low B.

Anywho, afterwards, journeyed to maths where I made Misses day by saying mechanics was good. Parkinson asked about D1 and I said it was fine (LIAR). I then went to Lit and didn't attempt much work. He let us off the essay as well :)

Then, went to Common room where Ash said he wanted to something now. Gawd. So we decided to go to Pizza Hut aterschool ergo, we had to wait for peeps. We went to Crossflats, got some money and croissants then came back where Ash procedded to blow kisses. Don't ask. Eventually, Glen, Josh, Schmard and Joel joined us and we went to Le Hut.

Mmmmm... had alot of food. And Ash, Schmard and Joel got balloons cause they are children. And SChmard wrote a note o a napkin and tied it to the string and let it go... into a tree. Then he got it down and released it into a women getting in a car who didn't notice and almsot drove off with it sticking out of her car. Then we went into Boots where Joel bought Schmard his mouthwash and Ash inspected the condoms (Meh, it was that or the makeup).

Anywho, waited with Schmard for his bus then just as I was about to cross the road, Grace pops out of nowhere and hugs me. She sends her friends off to the pub to warm her seat while she stands in the wind/rain/cold and chats to me. I made her talk about herself really seeing as though my life isn't exciting in anyway shape or form atm. She told me about everything and she seemed really happy which is good since last time I had a proper talk to her she wasn't the best. Meh, what being in a relationship can do to people. But it was good to see her and her bouncy/happiness. maybe some of it will rub off....pfft.

Anywho, I relax tonight. Then tomorrow it's GGB5 and back on Dark Chronicle Maybe. Wii stock arrives today. Might have it by end of next week. =D JOY.


Coat [11 Jan 2007|09:02pm]
[ mood | worried ]

I love my new coat. it's warm.

I hate mechanics. I have also realised I have forgotten most of Decision. FUCK.

Leesa~~ I've done the vid. I'll upload it tomorrow and follow up the email on saturday night as promised. Oh and I haven't done the exams yet so I'll take the luck, and it was half 3 not half 7... but still thank ye. I have no credit to text btw. So you get this mention here instead.


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