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No Rest For The Wicked

Wow, quite alot today. Best to start at the... start.

Got up after awaking at 7 and not getting my last half hour sleep. Ok, I was worried. Ash didn't help making me test him. Anywho, eventually we went and well... ugh.

Mechanics 1, Difficulty: 6/10
I was surprised. The last two questions were a bitch for 30 marks (like half the paper) but I answered everything bar one part and feel more confident than last time so well here's hoping for a B.

Decision 1, Difficulty: 8/10
Yes. Ironically I found this harder. I wasn't expecting a large answer booklet. Had to fold things every which way. I got through it even though there was a random linear program, simplex (the hardest part of decision) and a bitch of a Max flow. I hope for a low B.

Anywho, afterwards, journeyed to maths where I made Misses day by saying mechanics was good. Parkinson asked about D1 and I said it was fine (LIAR). I then went to Lit and didn't attempt much work. He let us off the essay as well :)

Then, went to Common room where Ash said he wanted to something now. Gawd. So we decided to go to Pizza Hut aterschool ergo, we had to wait for peeps. We went to Crossflats, got some money and croissants then came back where Ash procedded to blow kisses. Don't ask. Eventually, Glen, Josh, Schmard and Joel joined us and we went to Le Hut.

Mmmmm... had alot of food. And Ash, Schmard and Joel got balloons cause they are children. And SChmard wrote a note o a napkin and tied it to the string and let it go... into a tree. Then he got it down and released it into a women getting in a car who didn't notice and almsot drove off with it sticking out of her car. Then we went into Boots where Joel bought Schmard his mouthwash and Ash inspected the condoms (Meh, it was that or the makeup).

Anywho, waited with Schmard for his bus then just as I was about to cross the road, Grace pops out of nowhere and hugs me. She sends her friends off to the pub to warm her seat while she stands in the wind/rain/cold and chats to me. I made her talk about herself really seeing as though my life isn't exciting in anyway shape or form atm. She told me about everything and she seemed really happy which is good since last time I had a proper talk to her she wasn't the best. Meh, what being in a relationship can do to people. But it was good to see her and her bouncy/happiness. maybe some of it will rub off....pfft.

Anywho, I relax tonight. Then tomorrow it's GGB5 and back on Dark Chronicle Maybe. Wii stock arrives today. Might have it by end of next week. =D JOY.

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