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Don't Be So Hard

Ok well I've almost given up on C3. Just Trig and those damn questions where they ask about tangents. How'd you do them? Doesn't help I've had a major headache and sniffle since dinner. I hope I'm ok for it tomorrow. I'd hate to have to resit this exam.

Seems my Grandma (and consectivly my Grandad) are in a rough time. My nan spent a night on the floor and couldn't get out of bed today. Supposedly a Doctor has been but my Grandad is a liar at times. My Aunt won't have anything to do with it so tis up to my dad to sort it. Basically they are either gonna have to find a flat like in a home or get some sort of help. But that's spending money my family doesn't have. And we've sure she's got dementia.

Just another item on the list of things I have to cope with.

Just one more thing I Can't cope with.
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