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I'm Not Dead

Contuary to popular belief I am infact alive even though my body wants to crawl into my grave. And I have to update and on everything since... Thursday!? Mergh....

Ok, so I had a slow developing cold on Thursday which is weird cause it's usually a bad cold to start then it gets nicer. I crawled in for C3 and it was... ok. Bastard of a first question and then it got easier! backwards it was. Went home and sort of curled up and slept.

Friday, OMG. Felt like death warmed up. Went in for GS which was a load of Bull as we had never studied a work of art. I tell you it's all for the rems who don't do any subject involving string two words together so they can get marks of theroies and movements and such. Even though, I now hate Lit and will most likely rely on it. Effectivly stormed home as I couldn't find anyone to talk to. Stopped every few minutes to cough up a lung and when I got home fell down and my eyes watered like mad so I strapped a cool towel to my face and went blind again.

Parents came home randmly about half 1 saying my Grandma had gone into hospital. The Doctor had come again and said to get her in. She thought she was on holiday at a friends house and kept asking to go home. Anywho, my mum and dad spent the rest of the day, taking care of her things, cleaning up their house which was a tip and effectivly buying all of their clothes and kitchen stuff and things again as they were fit for nothing. My Grandad is mental too. Hate to say it but the sooner they do get a small flat with home help the better. Finished that day in bed at half 9. Missed Milnes party.

Saturday woke up to an empty house. Parents + sister taken my grandad to see my nan. She's gonna be in for 2 weeks max but if they (NHS) can prove my Grandad isn't up to helping or no help can be found she's in a home ASAP. Spent most of yesterday full of it but my eyes were better. Watched City Of Lost Children which is a well random French film but really good.

Today, I'm better...ish. Done bit of my Litc/w, essay plan, I'm gonna read over Geo notes later and print off a M2 paper so I'm ok for now till I go in tomorrow and Powell rips my c/w to shreds again.

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