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199 Photos pn Vix's camera!? Mental. Thank Gawd I've downloaded Flock now. It's so easy just to stick them all on it and let it upload them to a specific photobucket and folder. AMAZINGLY GOOD!

Anywho, you want to know about me. All is well. My cold is retreating and I'm feeling better. Geo Synoptic yesterday went well, the questions being answerable and I didn't breakdown. M2 this morning was fine cept for 1 question. Common room was locked today so spent msot of it in the Bistro till ww got removed from there too. Bastards. Supposedly one of the cleaners actually cried. God forbid they do the job they are paid to do ¬_¬

Hmmm... China in 2 weeks! Yay! Gonna be a busy Feb I feel.

I swear I had more to write....

Jack having a small thing on Friday that it's looking like I might not be able to get home from, Josh having something next week hopefully and this is very good.

Hmmm.... Woo no more exams!

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