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I Need Some Time To Set This Straight

Guh, Gragh, meh and assorted other sounds.

I have so much crap to do I can't spend my time how I want. I want to go read a book. I want to go play Advance Wars while listening my Ipod at full blast. I want to clean my bedroom. I want to tidy up my school folders so I can actually find things. I want to write an email, a proper one, not some two minute jobbie that it'll be.

The problem? I have essays and c/w coming out of my ears and at no point will I have extra free time such as half term to do all this. So I have to do it now. Or this weekend when I'm planned to sort out my stuff for China, pack, get ready and do the rest of my work.

Why can't all my teachers set it out so we finish modules seperatly so we don't get umpteen essays at once? Gawd.

Back to the grindstone. The brick bastard.
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