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We Don't Fight Fair

I Be back from the land of rice, walls and ... more rice.

Ok, so, I got back on Thursday night and spent yesterday recovering, getting money changed and reliving my body of doing any walking. It is nie to be back and pics + vids and all that crap will follow sometime this week (Maybe tonight if Josh's party isn't on). I have one amazing pic of me and JOhn on the Great Wall which will come up and also me + Lightsaber!! OH yesh.

As for anything else I got a letter today whichw as a very intresting and was very nice plus a little extra something that is my first extra something which as well as maing me quite happy also sad but bleh, I'll figure that out later under the influence. Sure I'll work it out. But yes that was very nice. ^_^ Course now I need to do a reply, and an email, and the pics and my c/w and the vids.... think I may sleep instead.

Ok, so party now cancelled... We'll see what I do.

Ok, off to listen to F.O.B album now and pre-order FF12. Day!

♥ for letter
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