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Wow, haven't updated in like... a week. And more since I posted anything of substance.

Ok, yesterday me and Ash journeyed to York through the wind and slight drizzle. We headed through ork when we arrived and had a good look around before having dinner in this little restaurant thing. Mmmm Ham and Cheese toasted bagette. Then we went round more and ended up at these two little book shops. The first one was wall to wall books but was a bit empty in terms of stuff I'd want to read but the second one...Oh. MY. God.

Again, wall to wall books but an upstairs too just a big and tall full of fiction. I felt like a big kid. Shame I had like...zero money on me. But I bought £9 worth of books that would have cost me...£16. Well good. So want to just live in there. Anywho, eventually we returned to the station and caught the bus to that Uni where Ash was inadvertedly called a freak. Then we arrived.

I delt with Ash and his wanmdering, leering eyes as ebst I could but otherwise it was ok. The elcture was good if a little scripted in places but all was well. Came back into York and then went back to leeds before heading for Pizzamania and alot of pizza. Came home. Slept.

Ok, I have FAR too much stuff to do and I don't want to do it. I have to do some filimg tomorrow...but I'm gonna leave it till monday. I have to hunt down everyone's china pics...but no one will do it will they? I have too...do things and I just can't be bothered...Grrrr.......
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