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Ok, so yesterday I was ill with a really bad cold. My immune system sucks. Anywho, I sat all day playing FF12 amongest aload of tissues and then I watched Wallace and Gromit: Curse Of The Were-Rabbit Which is just so amazingly funny. When the rabbit weakness is a golden a bullet.... a 24 CARROT Golden Bullet! And Petar Kay was in it. And they once again had Gromit behind the wheel of a plane. Hell yes.

On another note my monetary funds are fading very very fast. Damn Chip and Pin + Amazon.

Today, I feel better and go intos chool for not alot really. Cept Glen got shat on by a bird. In the crotch. I know.

I'm reading old message History (MINEFIELD) but I couldn't help but laugh at this.

ME: I know I'll ask Glen for ... Email
MAX: Go For it! :D
ME: I am but the bastard ain't replying
MAX: Kill him.

Lol. And this:

JOSH:With a Whole 12 Foot!!!
ME: Planet Penis
JOSH: "Like being hit by a Planet"

0_0 What were we on....

Anywho... no money and 6 parties over weeks in a row. My Fri/Sats are full!...Results on Thurs urgh...

And I had a listen to three songs today that made me feel all nostalgic... Funny how you can associate a song to an event/person isn't it? Anywho, night all.

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