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Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

Ok, first things first, The new Fall Out Boy vid is like Pg Tips on Acid. I'm not joking it's fecking mad. Apes everywhere. Crazyness.

Anywho, last night was Pips Party. me and Vix turned up around 8ish and managed to tag onto a group going in so we didn't feel like total idiots walking through the bar getting dodgy looks. Anywho, we immediatly gained a corner which was effectivly the BGS representative. People came like Jenna, Helen, Weaver, Toothill, Sophie, Jess, Jess.D(plus Stu), Joe and...umm...think that wa sit for us. Basically we did just sit in the corner all night. Didn't really want to dance especially when we all got really tired, and then amde sentences with love heart things and tried to flip cards.

We also decided to try and go to Rios Closing night. Ie, Watch Doc Who, Go to Hannahs, Catch somesort of lift to ios, stay till 4am, walk through Bradford, Go to a house, Sleeeeep. Of course, I doubt I'll be allowed to do this but...hmmm...we'll see. Also, there was an arkward moment that should never be spoke of. I'm gonna have words With Jess I am.

Anyway, nothing else really. Still need to do Greenings Essay for Monday...grrr.hate him. Hate Human Geography.

Oh, I need to build a back up for when I fail Maths.

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