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Bingley Tour

Ok, yesterday was Johns play which after a bit of crazy organising I eventually set off to meet people.

Kat was first. Just as I arrived she walked out of the train station so that was some excellent timing. Anywho, went and waited outside the arts centre with load sof people swarmign around. Bingley, Nightlife extreme. Anywho, people arrived slowly but surely but no sign of Lucy and Ricjard so we gave mel Richards ticket and went in. Ok, the play was funny it was. John played a quintessential John character. It wasn't Oberon it was John... King of the fairies lol.

Anywho, play all going well, final scene and John blows us away with as Vix put it 'A really manly voice' lol Anywho, afterwards, we followed Sarh up into the bar and gave John some ego inflating comments about his voice and then sat there for about an hour and talked. During this time I got told to shut up by the bar staff and taz told me not to look at anyone. Pfft.

Anywho, eventually Kat had to go so I walked her to the station, where there were no trains, then to the bus stop, where there were no buses, then to 3 banks where there were no money till the last one and eventually to the taxi rank. Like a tour of Bingley. Anywho, she eventually left (:() and I came home.

Today has been me on the comp. And will continue to be until i feel motivated to do work lol

Lollies <3

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